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The Groupe Maskatel LP is a telecommunications company offering Internet, digital television, and phone services for residential and business clients in key regions in Quebec such as Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, St-Ephrem, St-Victor, and several other areas.

Maskatel is the result of 7 small telecommunications companies coming together in regions not served by large telecom companies. At the time, these giant companies were not interested in developing their network in smaller areas because of the significant costs and investments required and because of the uncertainty of making a profit. The 7 companies who formed Maskatel are Maskatel, phone companies Drummond, Guèvremont, St-Éphrem, St-Victor, Upton, and Télécommunications Xittel. They have acquired an impressive experience over their 75 years in business.

In 1995, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) lifted Bell Canada and Télébec’s monopoly over the industry. This opened the door to Mr. August Guèvremont, at the time head of Téléphone Guèvremont, to provide an alternative for residents of areas such as Saint-Hyacinte and Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil. The Guèvremont family had already been operating in the phone industry for more than 75 years.

A rapid and strong growth

With its head office in St-Hyacinthe, in 2005 Maskatel acquired four telecommunications companies in Upton, Trois-Rivières, St-Ephrem, and St-Victor. Thanks to these strategic acquisitions, we are undergoing impressive growth.
Over the past few years, Masketel has made investments worth millions of dollars to provide our clients with, among other things, state-of-the-art phone, Internet, and digital television services with access to nearly 200 channels including approximately 20 high-definition channels.

In 2012, Maskatel benefited from investments totalling millions of dollars in order to implement an expansion plan, reposition its corporate image, and continue its momentum with the deployment of a fibre optic network. The company also places great importance on continuously improving its offer to clients.

A local presence with national reach

Because of its local presence, highly personalized and efficient customer service, and competitive rates, the company continues to accelerate its expansion to meet the growing needs of its clients.

Maskatel’s team is currently working on several projects, including the deployment of a fibre optic network. They are also continuously adding new services. As a result, Maskatel is a great example of successful Quebec entrepreneurship. Our teams strive to offer clients a personalized service and to build a company that’s involved in their communities.

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