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The benefits of trusting Maskatel for your Internet

Because we simply chose to offer you an ultra fast and performing Internet.

No bickering, it's equal on both sides!

Symmetrical Internet

Maskatel's symmetrical Internet offers equal download and upload speeds for packages from 50 to 300 Megabit per second. So send, receive, share and watch...too!

No overage fees, oh yes!

Unlimited Internet

With unlimited Internet, use your data the way you want, with as many devices as you want, without fear of running out of data.

Happiness is in local fibre!

Ultra-fast Internet

It's our network and it's super fast, but we don't guarantee you'll win your video game!

A higher speed with fibre optics

The best of technology deployed for you

Because we want to offer a quality service that meets your expectations, we have invested in improving our infrastructure: fibre optics, increased customer service staff, 1 Gbps network offered and much more.

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Our wireless modem router

Maskatel's Wi-Fi modem router, designed according to the Wi-Fi 6 standard, uses one of the most powerful technologies available. Compared with the Wi-Fi AC standard, this modem will enable you to reach higher speeds and enjoy optimal coverage. This model delivers an unrivalled signal with its 6 antennas and simultaneously managed dual-band technology. We invite you to enjoy a unique experience, whatever your device or entertainment!


Questions about the Internet service?

Our FAQ can answer your questions!
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