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100 Mbit/s download, 100 Mbit/s upload
Router/modem included
Unlimited internet


Basic channels
HD PVR included

$650/ month*
Guaranteed price 12 months
Free installation
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Your choice of 15 channelsORBasic telephonyAnd save even more by choosing both options!

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Unlimited internet

No overage charges.
No unpleasant surprises!

Your oldest likes to play online games, your youngest likes to watch movies on her tablet and you love listening to your favourite playlist. You’ll never have to worry about going over your data cap again. That’s what unlimited means. And installation and the router/modem are included!

Ultra-High-Speed Internet

Speeds up to 1Gbps/s**
Ultra-high-speed means your games will never lag, your movies won’t be interrupted, and you can browse the web to your heart’s content. That’s the beauty of fibre optic!

Modem router included and Free installation

**Where technology permits. Please check availability of our services with our customer service.

Multi-room HD PVR included!

Allows you to watch what you record on any television in your house that’s equipped with a multi-room PVR, whenever you want.

Huge selection of channels, tailor your bundle to your tastes!

Create your own bundle by picking the 10, 15 or 25 channels you want.

Individual channels
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Fill your ears with 100 music channels on your television thanks to Stingray!

Do you like pop, country, or jazz? With our 100 Stingray continuous streaming music channels, you can always listen to the music you love!

Included basic channels:

Basic channels-$24

  • AMI-Audio

    SD: 856
    (english) AMI-audio is a Canadian 24-hour English language non-profit audio broadcast television service. AMI-audio is an audio-only service that broadcasts readings of news articles and features from more than 600 of Canada's top newspapers and magazines, as well as audio theatre and films. It is owned by Accessible Media Inc. (formerly known as the National Broadcast Reading Service—the organization was renamed following the launch of its sister television channel) AMI-audio is a volunteer-based service, where individuals perform voice recordings at various centres across the country.

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  • AMI-télé

    SD: 56
    (french) AMI-télé is designed to serve francophone Canadians who are blind, partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing. It is the first French language television station to broadcast all content with open described video and closed captioning.

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  • AMI-tv

    SD: 55
    (english) AMItv, a world first, makes television accessible to viewers with vision and hearing impairments. All shows feature Open Described Video and Closed Captioning.

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  • APTN

    SD: 23
    (english) Television devoted exclusively to the rich heritage of the aboriginal peoples of Canada and abroad.

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  • Assemblée Nationale

    SD: 54
    (french) The debates from the Québec National Assembly.

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    Assemblée Nationale

  • Boom FM

    SD: 830
    (french) Montérégie radio station (Saint-Hyacinthe et Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu).

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    Boom FM

  • Canal M

    SD: 855
    (french) Canal M, Vues & Voies's very own radio station, aims to empower its listeners through a diversity of programs and content centred on inclusion, participation and accessibility for all.

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    Canal M

  • Canal Savoir

    SD: 9
    (french) A channel offering highly informative programs from educational and cultural institutions, to enrich your knowledge and stimulate your neurons!

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    Canal Savoir

  • CBC

    SD: 6
    HD: 505
    (english) Canadian Broadcast Network Canada's very own National Network.

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  • CBC News Network

    SD: 27
    (english) CBC NEWS NETWORK is Canada's 24-hour news channel. The channel provides breaking news, live event coverage, in-depth analysis, awardwinning documentaries and current affairs programming.

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    CBC News Network


    SD: 811
    (english) Montreal radio station.

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  • Citytv

    SD: 68
    (english) Citytv captivates its viewers with dynamic personalities, offers a combination of local interactive news and formats and offers entertaining local Canadian and American programming.

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  • Cool 103,5 FM

    SD: 820
    (french) Saint-Georges-de-Beauce radio station.

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    Cool 103,5 FM

  • CPAC (EN)

    SD: 48
    (english) Uninterrupted coverage of Parliament, politics and public affairs. CPAC’s informative interviews, insight and analysis focus on the people and processes shaping Canada each day.

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    CPAC (EN)

  • CPAC (FR)

    SD: 47
    (french) Uninterrupted coverage of Parliament, politics and public affairs. CPAC’s informative interviews, insight and analysis focus on the people and processes shaping Canada each day.

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    CPAC (FR)

  • CTV

    SD: 12
    HD: 506
    (english) A pan-Canadian network offering wide-ranging programming: news, major American series, movies and locally-produced programs for all of Canada.

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  • Global

    SD: 10
    (english) Local news, weather, sports as well as Canadian and American comedies and dramas.

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  • ICI Musique

    SD: 810
    (french) ICI Musique is Radio-Canada's music destination on radio and the web, delivering quality programming focused on a variety of genres.

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    ICI Musique

  • ICI Première

    SD: 809
    (french) Radio station

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    ICI Première

  • ICI Radio-Canada

    SD: 2
    HD: 504
    (french) Ici Radio-Canada Télé offers a fine quality and wide range of programs for every taste, including dramatic series, news, sports, movies and public affairs.

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    ICI Radio-Canada

  • ICI Radio-Canada

    SD: 61
    HD: 5611
    (french) Ici Radio-Canada Télé offers a fine quality and wide range of programs for every taste, including dramatic series, news, sports, movies and public affairs.

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    ICI Radio-Canada

  • ICI Radio-Canada

    SD: 13
    HD: 5601
    (french) Ici Radio-Canada Télé offers a fine quality and wide range of programs for every taste, including dramatic series, news, sports, movies and public affairs.

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    ICI Radio-Canada

  • ICI Radio-Canada

    SD: 207
    HD: 5621
    (french) Ici Radio-Canada Télé offers a fine quality and wide range of programs for every taste, including dramatic series, news, sports, movies and public affairs.

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    ICI Radio-Canada

  • ICI Télévision

    SD: 204
    HD: 554
    (french) International Channel/Canal International (ICI) is the only conventional channel offering multicultural programming, which gives you a glimpse of the world through various cultural, musical, informative and entertainment shows.

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    ICI Télévision

  • Indigo

    SD: 601 à 605
    (french) Indigo channels offer live sports and special events, plus over 40 French and English movies every month.

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  • M FM 102,9

    SD: 823
    (french) Quebec City radio station.

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    M FM 102,9

  • MétéoMédia

    SD: 17
    (french) Météomédia is a channel that provides the most recent weather forecasts for Québec, Canada, USA and all around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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  • MIX 99,7 FM

    SD: 822
    (french) Beauce radio station.

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    MIX 99,7 FM

  • Radio Acton

    SD: 831
    (french) Acton Vale radio station.

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    Radio Acton

  • Radio Galilée

    SD: 821
    (french) Beauce radio station.

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    Radio Galilée

  • Rouge FM 105,3

    SD: 840
    (french) Drummondville radio station.

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    Rouge FM 105,3

  • Stingray

    SD: 901 à 999
    (french) Stingray Music offers close to 100 digital audio channels that play uninterrupted, commercial-free music. All good vibes!

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  • Télé-Québec

    SD: 8
    HD: 501
    (french) Télé-Québec is the public television in Québec. Programming that focuses on education, with children's programs, news magazine-style programs, debates, feature reports and major films.

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  • The Weather Network

    SD: 24
    (english) Latest local, national and international weather updates, long-term forecasts and a variety of tips for outdoor enthusiasts.

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    The Weather Network

  • TV5

    SD: 19
    HD: 518
    (french) The world's second largest television network offers you programming from many French-speaking countries, including Canada: six daily news updates, cultural programming, news features, documentaries, magazines and quiz shows.

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  • TVA

    SD: 11
    HD: 507
    (french) A private network that offers the most popular programs: variety shows, dramatic series, news, public affairs programs, movies and programs for the general public.

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  • TVA

    SD: 64
    HD: 5641
    (french) A private network that offers the most popular programs: variety shows, dramatic series, news, public affairs programs, movies and programs for the general public.

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  • TVA

    SD: 4
    HD: 5631
    (french) A private network that offers the most popular programs: variety shows, dramatic series, news, public affairs programs, movies and programs for the general public.

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  • TVA

    SD: 205
    (french) A private network that offers the most popular programs: variety shows, dramatic series, news, public affairs programs, movies and programs for the general public.

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  • Unis TV

    SD: 25
    HD: 525
    (french) Programs rich in local colour, shows that have shaped an era, television for all ages and interests. Unis TV brings you Francophone Canada in all its rich diversity.

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    Unis TV

  • V

    SD: 5
    HD: 502
    (french) V is a television network focused on entertainment in its purest form. Via its television, digital and mobile platforms, it broadcasts young, dynamic and bold content for all ages!

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  • ZoneTV

    SD: 3
    HD: 503
    (french) ZoneTV is a community TV offer to Maskatel customers, a division of Groupe Maskatel LP.


Additional channels:

Pick 15-$384

  • ABC

    SD: 22
    (english) National American channel. News, entertainment and sports.

    Visit website

  • Action

    SD: 138
    (english) Action brings non-stop, effortless fun with a combination of laugh-out-loud shows and iconic blockbuster movies. It’s dynamic, gratuitous entertainment that provides a welcome break from the everyday. Action celebrates mindless entertainment for grown-ups.

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  • AddikTV

    SD: 93
    HD: 509
    (french) Hard-core fans of suspense and fiction will find a home on addikTV, with great local productions and French-language premieres of captivating American series, as well as breathtaking movies.

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  • Animal Planet

    SD: 144
    (english) Incredible creatures both wild and domesticated, and their relationships with humans, are what make Animal Planet an enthralling and entertaining place to visit day after day. This is a real animal lover's paradise, putting everything from dogs and cats to lions and lemurs on a pedestal and giving them the recognition and respect they so richly deserve.

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    Animal Planet

  • BBC Canada

    SD: 145
    (english) BBC Canada brings the best of British television with exclusive access to a broad range of British programming including cheeky comedies, critically acclaimed dramas and entertaining lifestyle series.

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    BBC Canada

  • BNN

    SD: 50
    (english) Business News Network is dedicated to the world of business.

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  • Bravo

    SD: 109
    (english) From compelling characters to ‘edge of your seat’ storylines, Bravo is bold television. Home to exclusive dramas, blockbuster favorites, and event programming, Bravo delivers smart, premium television to viewers across Canada.

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  • Canal D

    SD: 31
    HD: 514
    (french) With its ever-popular documentary series, Canal D allows you to experience extraordinary, true stories. There's something for everybody thanks to such diverse topics as forensics, the animal kingdom and the environment, as well as major social issues.

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    Canal D

  • Canal Vie

    SD: 38
    HD: 510
    (french) Québec women have relied on Canal Vie for over the past 15 years! A variety of everyday topics are featured—renovating and decorating, style and art of living, beauty and fashion, cooking, family life and relationships—and discussed in a lively and innovative manner. Its numerous TV magazines produced locally, as well as its documentaries and docudramas, deal as much with individual privacy as social issues. Canal Vie presents shows that please viewers, and engaging and inspiring hosts! The channel reflects Québec women and their families.

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    Canal Vie

  • CASA

    SD: 66
    HD: 536
    (french) The channel for people with a passion for home renovation & decoration, cooking, real estate and pets. CASA is the channel for home enthusiasts, featuring local productions, captivating competition shows and hit series dealing with renovation & decoration, cooking, real estate and pets. It’s your window on the world of homes!

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  • CBS

    SD: 21
    (english) One of the four major private American networks. Rich and varied programming: series, films, news, sports, afternoon soaps, game shows and quizzes.

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  • Cinépop

    SD: 305
    HD: 5241
    (french) Cinépop offers the best movies of all time. Discover or rediscover movie classics staring the biggest actors and actresses from Quebec and abroad.

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  • CMT

    SD: 32
    (english) CMT Canada is the home of funny, lighthearted programming that offers a mix of hit comedies, movies and late night talk shows.

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  • Comedy Network

    SD: 113
    (english) Cartoon Network offers the best in award-winning animated content and brings a unique and diverse entertainment to kids and families.

    Visit website
    Comedy Network

  • Crime + Investigation

    SD: 139
    (english) Journey into the compelling and complex world of Crime + Investigation with the definitive mix of television’s current suspense and crime drama franchises and riveting unscripted series that take viewers on an emotional and gripping journey into the world of criminal investigation.

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    Crime + Investigation

  • CTV News Channel

    SD: 102
    (english) CTV News Channel is Canada's 24-hour news channel, providing Canadians with the latest news from across Canada and around the world.

    Visit website
    CTV News Channel

  • Deja View

    SD: 132
    (english) DejaView is the channel devoted to bringing you TV’s ultimate classics from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and beyond. DejaView gives you some of the most enduring and relevant series of all time, plus lots of familiar favourites that made TV great.

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    Deja View

  • Discovery Channel

    SD: 34
    (english) The world is just awesome! With compelling real-life programming that inspires and entertains, Discovery Channel reveals the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement.

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    Discovery Channel

  • Discovery Science

    SD: 142
    (english) From the science of survival in extreme environments and inventions that make our urban habitat more livable, to the building blocks of life itself, Discovery Science explores the quirky side of technology, human progress, scientific discoveries and the people behind them. Discovery Science is where cool and curiosity meet.

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    Discovery Science

  • Disney La Chaîne

    SD: 90
    (french) La chaîne Disney presents the most entertaining programming for children, teenagers and the whole family! This French language channel features teens’ favourite comedies, series, cartoons and films. Plus, little ones can watch Disney Junior on La chaîne Disney from 6am – 2pm every day.

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    Disney La Chaîne

  • Documentary

    SD: 128
    (english) Provocative, entertaining and groundbreaking, CBC's new channel - Documentary - is a passport to the real world we live in, featuring the best from Canada and around the globe.

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  • Dtour

    SD: 123
    (english) DTOUR takes viewers on a journey exploring the world and all that it has to offer with unique points of view and eye-opening experiences. From bizarre foods to paranormal mysteries, it’s always an adventure on DTOUR!

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  • E!

    SD: 126
    (english) E! Entertainment Television is Canada's ultimate destination for the latest in celebrity, entertainment and pop culture news and information. Available in more than 6 million Canadian homes, E! features a dynamic program lineup, including hit reality series, candid profiles of the world's biggest stars, and live red carpet coverage of premieres and events in Canada and around the world.

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  • ESPN Classic

    SD: 151
    (english) ESPN Classic Canada is the only 24-hour all sports hall of fame television.

    Visit website
    ESPN Classic

  • Évasion

    SD: 44
    HD: 5441
    (french) Evasion focus on travel, holiday getaways and adventure. Evasion inspires with passionate hosts, unique content, and spectacular sights. Évasion, la télé qui voyage!

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  • Food Network Canada

    SD: 124
    (english) Food Network Canada is the place to have the most fun food experiences, bring viewers into the kitchens of passionate chefs and creative hosts and hit the road for food travel and adventure.

    Visit website
    Food Network Canada

  • FOX

    SD: 26
    (english) The fourth American network. Wide ranging and entertaining, from children's programs to sports, series, movies and classic films. American TV at its best.

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  • FOX Sports Racing

    SD: 110
    (english) FOX Sports Racing delivers unparalleled access to the races, drivers, cars, bikes and lifestyles that race fans crave.

    Visit website
    FOX Sports Racing

  • Frissons TV1

    HD: 592
    (french) French language channel dedicated to horror fans. With an eclectic mix of ground-breaking and genre-defining content including niche, cult and box office movies along with horror themed series, you'll be entertained and terrified.

    Frissons TV1

  • FYI

    SD: 71
    (english) For your inspiration, for your imagination or for your innovation. FYI is a Lifestyle channel that covers a range of stories and experiences that reflect how people actually live their lives today, not defined by just one passion or interest.

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  • G4

    SD: 70
    (english) G4 is Canada's only 24-hour television channel dedicated to games, gear, gadgets and gigabytes - it is the ultimate stomping ground that celebrates every facet of living digital.

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  • Gusto

    SD: 119
    (english) Gusto offers food and lifestyle programs that celebrate cooking, entertaining, travel, home & style, featuring top celebrity chefs & food authorities from around the world.

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  • H2

    SD: 148
    (english) H2 presents information as entertainment. Discover periods in history in an unexpected and exciting way. There's more to explore, more to know, and more to understand.

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  • HGTV Canada

    SD: 30
    (english) HGTV Canada is the channel for the most compelling and entertaining stories that explore the connections people have with their home.

    Visit website
    HGTV Canada

  • Historia

    SD: 43
    HD: 511
    (french) Historia defies our perception of history! The network introduces us to genuine people from here and abroad, through captivating documentaries and popular series that immerse us in surprising and entertaining worlds.

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  • History

    SD: 116
    (english) As the number one source for entertaining and engaging historical programming, History Television captivates Canadian audiences with gripping stories about the people and events that have shaped our world.

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    SD: 28
    HD: 528
    (french) ICI ARTV puts creators from here and abroad under the spotlight with artist documentaries, comedy shows, entertaining talk shows, performances of all kinds and current or nostalgic series. The channel gives a fascinating colour to the cultural life.

    Visit website

  • ICI Explora

    SD: 52
    HD: 552
    (french) ICI EXPLORA presents the greatest documentary series in the fields of nature, health, science and the environment. The channel is for naturally curious people looking for spectacular images and captivating stories.

    Visit website
    ICI Explora


    SD: 14
    HD: 516
    (french) ICI RDI is the leading French-language information network in America, airing 24 hours a day with as-it-happens news and live, on-site broadcasts of major events.

    Visit website

  • IFC

    SD: 135
    (english) See the movies everyone raves about, from award-winners and groundbreakers to cult hits, IFC airs eight movies -- uncut -- every day. Plus, get bonus movie features and behind-the- scenes access to the hippest stars.

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  • Investigation

    SD: 94
    HD: 594
    (french) Investigation provides a captivating look at the gripping twists and turns of real criminal investigations and reveals the worst aspects of human nature.

    Visit website

  • LCN

    SD: 39
    HD: 508
    (french) LCN is Quebec’s #1 24-hour news station. Morning, noon and night, whenever news happens, Quebecers turn to LCN to know it all and understand it all.

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  • Lifetime

    SD: 137
    (english) Lifetime is synonymous with providing critically acclaimed, award-winning and popular original programming for women that spans movies and miniseries, dramas, comedies and reality series.

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  • Max

    SD: 37
    (french) Discover MAX, the new channel for movie and television series aficionados. MAX offers a diversified and refined programming, from classic movies to blockbusters hits, and the most celebrated tv series.

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    SD: 97
    HD: 5971
    (french) Accompany fascinating and endearing characters into their unique worlds and experience their true stories and real-life events. Become immersed in docu-reality series, dramas and movies so unforgettable they are sure to leave a mark.

    Visit website

  • Movie Time

    SD: 133
    (english) MovieTime is the ultimate destination for big-ticket movies seven days a week. With over 250 movie titles each month and back to back movies on the weekend, MovieTime offers movie lovers unparalleled access to an extensive collection of favourite hits.

    Visit website
    Movie Time

  • MTV

    SD: 78
    (english) Bold, dynamic and interactive, MTV offers innovative lifestyle, talk and documentary programming. MTV in Canada reflects a uniquely Canadian culture and personality through a mixture of locally produced and globally-shared programming. This channel can't be selected per unit.

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  • MTV 2

    SD: 154
    (english) This brand new extraordinary channel is the ultimate destination for youth. Promising a full roster of unabashed, unpredictable, and unruly programming, MTV2 is MTV unleashed! MTV2’s fierce bite extends beyond television with a multi-platform experience that includes; both platforms are bursting with exclusive programming, never before seen in Canada.

    Visit website
    MTV 2

  • Much

    SD: 103
    (english) 24 hours a day, seven days a week videos as well as music, art and concert news, interviews from artists from around the world, event television as well as shows and breaking news on the worlds of entertainment, fashion, cinema and popular culture.

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  • MusiquePlus

    SD: 16
    (french) Music, fiction, humor and reality TV, MusiquePlus offers a variety of programming for an audience eager for entertainment, fun and authencity.

    Visit website

  • National Geographic

    SD: 130
    (english) National Geographic Channel is Canada's only 24-hour source of entertaining information about the exotic, natural world we live in.

    Visit website
    National Geographic

  • NBC

    SD: 18
    HD: 583
    (english) One of the four major private American networks. Programming for every taste: sports, news, films and made-for-TV movies, afternoon soaps, game shows and quizzes.

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  • Nickelodeon

    SD: 140
    (english) Nickelodeon is the place for kids to kick back, relax and laugh! This powerhouse channel features animated and live-action favourites, exclusive shows, classic Nickelodeon hits and special live events, like the Kids’ Choice Awards. Nick is the ultimate destination for kid-friendly fun!

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  • OLN

    SD: 122
    (english) OLN dares viewers to live vicariously through the unscripted, high-stakes adventures of outrageous and compelling characters. Witness their journeys as limits get pushed, and revel in raw, real life. OLN is home to hit shows Storage Wars, Ghost Hunters, and Survivorman, and also features original Canadian programming like Storage Wars Canada and The Liquidator.

    Visit website

  • ONE

    SD: 125
    (english) Get yoga. Get pilates. Get travel. Get cooking. Get inspired. Only channel ONE gives you the best shows for the best you.

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  • OWN

    SD: 127
    (english) OWN is designed to entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives. OWN is available in Canada through a license agreement with OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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  • PBS

    SD: 36
    (english) American public television featuring quality programming for the entire family with a focus on education, interesting programs, concerts and more.

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    SD : 75
    HD : 5751
    (french) PLANÈTE+ offers unique, rich and varied programming consisting of documentaries, news, magazines, entertainment and docu-reality shows, all commercial-free. In French.

    Visit website

  • Prise 2

    SD: 95

    HD: 5951

    (french) From Quebec cult-classics to international blockbusters, the best movies and TV shows of all time are on PRISE2, in original or rebooted versions.

    Discover—or rediscover—programming that continues to influence pop culture.

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    Prise 2

  • RDS 22

    SD: 100
    HD: 539
    (french) RDS2 provides increased visibility to existing programming already popular with RDS viewers, as well as prestigious international competitions, niche sports, documentaries, feature reports and sports-related films.

    Visit website
    RDS 22

  • RDS Info

    SD: 99
    (french) The Réseau Info-Sports is the specialized French-language service entirely dedicated to sports news broadcasting . Combining RDS's credibility and's quick response time, Info-Sports delivers up to the minute sports news, every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Visit website
    RDS Info

  • RDS2

    SD: 20
    HD: 519
    (french) RDS is the best french-speaking source of sports and sports information, featuring live sports events, interviews and daily sport desks that summarize the sports news of the day. RDS offers live as well as pre-recorded events.

    Visit website

  • Séries+

    SD: 46
    HD: 512
    (french) Séries+ is the number 1 fiction channel in Quebec! It offers, in French, exclusive access to the mostpopular TV series in the world. With captivating intrigue, passionate investigations, stories that stir the imagination and inspiring heroes, it’s a must for fans of TV series!

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  • Showcase

    SD: 41
    (english) Showcase is the destination for award-winning series and hit Blockbuster movies, where our audiences can escape the ordinary and explore an unconventional entertainment experience.

    Visit website

  • Slice

    SD: 33
    (english) Slice is the destination for the best in reality television, showcasing exclusive programming, buzz-worthy personalities, and a glimpse into the lifestyles and relationships of the rich and outrageous.

    Visit website

  • Space

    SD: 106
    (english) Documentaries, movies and programs that teach you everything you need to know about space and science, fiction and fact.

    Visit website

  • Sportsnet 360

    SD: 112
    (english) Sportsnet 360 is a new channel with a 360° offering of the most diverse breadth of sports – breaking news, highlights, scores, stats, analysis, and opinion, as well as live events.

    Visit website
    Sportsnet 360

  • Télémagino

    SD: 89
    HD: 5891
    (french) Télémagino is a network for preschool-aged children; home to much-loved characters from popular TV shows. Télémagino inspires kids to let their imaginations take flight.

    Visit website

  • Teletoon

    SD: 108
    (english) Teletoon delivers hilarious comedy, unexpected surprises and edge-of-your-seat action through the best in animated series and movies for kids and families.

    Visit website

  • Télétoon

    SD: 40
    (french) Télétoon is the ultimate destination for hilarious comedies and the best cartoons! This French language channel offers daily programming that appeals to the young… and the not so young!

    Visit website

  • Treehouse

    SD: 117
    (english) For pre-school children, Treehouse represents quality television that is trusted by parents because it is a safe place, 100% devoted to children from breakfast to bedtime. Delivering a strong balance of educational, imaginative and entertaining programs, Treehouse provides high-quality children’s series from Canada and around the world.

    Visit website

  • TSN 22

    SD: 156
    (english) TSN2 brings Canadian sports fans a jam-packed lineup of major league action, with hundreds of exclusive live events each year. TSN2's powerful live sports roster includes NHL, NBA, curling, international hockey, golf, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, IndyCar Series, Grand Slam Tennis, boxing, and NCAA football and basketball.

    Visit website
    TSN 22

  • TSN2

    SD: 35
    (english) TSN is Canada's Sports Leader. Official broadcaster of the Grey Cup, World Juniors & FIFA World Cup, TSN offers more choice : hockey, CFL, NFL, NBA, MLS, Curling, MLB, BPL, Tennis & Golf's Majors, NASCAR, F1, NCAA March Madness, and more.

    Visit website

  • TVA Sports 22

    SD: 158
    HD: 558
    (french) TVA SPORTS 2 is the indispensable companion station to access our global sports offering and catch all of the action.

    Visit website
    TVA Sports 22

  • TVA Sports2

    SD: 98
    HD: 538
    (french) TVA Sports broadcasts over 250 NHL games, including the Montreal Canadiens’ Saturday night games, as well as the Stanley Cup playoffs and games from the Impact, the Blue Jays, MLB, NFL and CIS football, as well as WTA and more!

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    TVA Sports2

  • Vision TV

    SD: 107
    (english) VisionTV is Canada’s cable and satellite specialty channel that airs multi-faith, multicultural and family-oriented entertainment. Learn more about Vision.

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    Vision TV

  • VRAK

    SD: 29
    HD: 513
    (french) VRAK is the TV and web destination for Québec’s teens and young adults. The specialty channel is entertaining, unifying and current, catering to a discerning audience eager to tap into a full range of emotions and discover personalities they can relate to. Featuring dramatic, magazine and special programs, all of VRAK’s local and foreign productions are edgy and offer a bold, unique take on reality.

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  • W Network

    SD: 152
    (english) W Network is the home of great dramatic storytelling for women, featuring drama series, exclusive movies and box-office favourites.

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    W Network

  • Wild TV

    SD: 79
    (english) Wild TV is the only channel that provides high-quality outdoor programming from Canada and around the world all day, every day. Wild TV serves up the best in hunting and fishing shows to lovers of the great outdoors.

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    Wild TV

  • Yoopa

    SD: 91
    HD: 5911
    (french) YOOPA offers a world of family entertainment, with quality children’s shows and a website offering separate sections for kids and parents. YOOPA: The channel where kids aged 2 to 10 find all their favourites.

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  • YTV

    SD: 101
    (english) As Canada's first dedicated network for kids, YTV embraces its role as a trailblazer in all things funny for families. With shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Henry Danger and Mysticons—plus blockbuster movies—YTV's signature style features made-up words, irreverent jokes and random acts of kindness; making it the best-in-class destination for all things #Funexpected.

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  • Z Télé

    SD: 45
    HD: 515
    (french) Z will appeal to a daring public looking for different, bold and cutting edge local content. With its programming, Z will take you to provocative universes filled with humour, mystery, action and excitement.

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    Z Télé

  • Zeste1

    SD: 96
    HD: 596
    (anglais) Canadian French TV network featuring shows on everyday meal solutions and recipes, culinary competitions, epicurean adventures and gourmet discoveries. Zeste is the only French channel cooks all day!

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Enjoy this offer!

1. Available where technology permits.
2. The sports channels of the same broadcaster are automatically associated with each other and therefore inseparable (eg TVA Sports 1 & 2, RDS 1 & 2 and TSN 1 & 2). In addition, an additional fee of $3 for each group of two channels is required.

* Available where technology permits. Taxes and 911 service fee not included. Installation and/or activation fees may apply. Limited-time offer, only for residential customer in areas where Maskatel is available. Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer for the same service. This offer is available to new customers or those who have cancelled their service more than 6 months ago. A minimum commitment period corresponding to the promotion is required to take advantage of promotional rates. All services must be consolidated on one bill to take advantage of these promotional offers. A discount equal to the receiver rental fee and the wireless modem router fee will be applied for the first 12 months, with a minimum subscription to the packages listed above. When the promotional period ends, the subscription will be automatically renewed for an indeterminate period of time with rates corresponding to those in effect at that time for the services subscribed, unless indicated otherwise. If sports channels are selected, monthly fees of $3 will apply per channel group. Available in certain areas in St-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, and surrounding areas. Subject to other terms and conditions provided for in the contract.