Frequently asked questions

The health and safety of our customers and team members is a priority.

At Maskatel, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and putting in place measures to protect the health and safety of the public and our team members.

As a provider of communications services, we are dedicated to delivering a reliable and high-quality connection that consumers and businesses can rely on. That is why we’ve put in place the people and the resources necessary to continue to deliver these services for our customers throughout the COVID-19 situation.

As the situation evolves, we will keep you informed of any developments right here.

 Networks and services

All our networks and services remain fully operational to help our customers navigate this unprecedented situation.

We understand that the services we provide are essential and we take our responsibility very seriously.

Team members

We are focused on ensuring the health and safety of our team members and the public. This includes extra safety and sanitation measures in our workplacess and, of course, for any team member dealing directly with customers. All Maskatel employees – including service technicians– returning from abroad or feeling unwell (i.e. fever, cough or difficulty breathing) are instructed to stay at home for the recommended period.

We are encouraging employees who can work from home to do so. Team members who serve our clients face to face will continue to do so, but with strengthened sanitation measures in place and only to ensure our clients continue to have access to communications services to stay connected during this situation

Our technicians will:

Perform a repair, to ensure the connectivity of a customer

Install new services to existing and new customers

Move your current services to another address

Add new equipment to a customer

Make wiring inside your home to add sockets, modem router or PVR

Our technicians will not:

Recover equipment. If you need to return equipment to us, please do so via our return equipment by mail procedure.

We are adapting our installation procedures to limit the time spent at your home, to ensure your connectivity but also your safety and that of our technicians. Our technicians are required to ask questions relating to the risks of COVID-19 before going to a customer and / or during the visit to your home.


On March 16, Maskatel suspended extra usage billing for its residential and business customers with Internet plans subject to a monthly usage limit. As announced, this measure will end on June 30, 2020 and any over usage starting July 1, 2020 will be invoiced according to the terms of your Internet plan.

For customers in the Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, Upton, St-Éphrem, St-Victor and surrounding areas who have a fiber package at home, your Internet service is always unlimited.

To help our customers stay informed and entertained during this period, several channels are currently on free preview. A selection of news, entertainment, family and lifestyle channels are available. Please visit for the full list.

How you can help

We are at the ready to assist you throughout this situation. Unfortunately, you may experience longer wait times than usual due to the current circumstances. We appreciate your understanding during this time. Please note that we have preventively closed our service counters in Saint-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, St-Éphrem and St-Victor in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Quick tips

Request technician visits or contact call centres only for essential requests.

Refrain from requesting a technician visit if you are feeling unwell (fever, cough, difficulty breathing). If you already have a scheduled appointment and are experiencing symptoms, please contact us at 1 877 627-5283 to reschedule the technician’s visit at no cost.

Use your services responsibly to ensure communications networks perform at their best for all. Some tips:

Favour watching shows and movies on your TV service over streaming.

If you are streaming, consider reducing picture quality.

Other questions you might ask yourself

Can I still go to a service counter?

No, we made the decision to close our service counters so that our employees can focus on answering customers through our call center.

For equipment return, please use our free postal return service. Click here to follow the return procedure.

To pay your bill, please pay through your financial institution, by mail or by registering pre-authorized automatic payments (PAPs). You will find the form to complete here.

What if I need a spare phone or set-top box?

At this time, we are responding as usual to customer requests for repairs and replacements.

Do you have confidence in your ability to continue providing services as the situation evolves?

Yes. In addition to having implemented the measures recommended by the public security authorities to protect the members of our team, Maskatel can also serve its customers.

Frequent questions





No Internet?

If you have a modem with a “Status” or “DSL” light that has gone out: make sure that there is a cable connecting the Line (or DSL) to your phone line.

If the “Status” or “DSL” light still is still out: please call technical support.

If you have a router: please make sure the cable connects the modem’s LAN1 and the WAN Internet port in your router. If this is the case, restart your router. If it still does not work, plug the cable directly from your computer into the modem, without going through the router.

If you do not have a router: please make sure the cable connects your modem’s LAN1 and your computer.

My internet is slow

Test your connection speed on and check if the speed corresponds to your Internet package.

If that is not the case, plug your computer directly into the modem with a cable without going through the router and repeat the test. If the speed still does not correspond to your package, contact technical support.

The Internet has gone out

If you have a router: try to restart your modem if the problem persists, plug your computer directly into the modem without going through the router.

What information do I need to configure an email account?

Type of Incoming server : POP3

Incoming server : You will find the address of your incoming server in the following list, depending on your location.

Outgoing server : You will find the address of your outgoing server in the following list, depending on your location.

User name: Full email address

Password: Your password

Click on the “Mon serveur sortant requiert une authentification”


My receiver displays 100% for content recorded but I can’t watch anything I’ve recorded.

You must restart your receiver.

“Signal vidéo bloqué” is displayed on the television screen.

You are not subscribed to this channel. You have two options: call us to add the channel to your TV package or simply go to a channel that you are subscribed to. You can enter a channel number such as “05” then press on “OK” to try to change the channel.

If the problem reoccurs, click the “Guide” button several times until you see “Abonné” in the upper left corner, under the image, and above the date.Then, click on the “exit”, “05”, then “OK” buttons and everything should function properly.

“No signal” appears on the screen.

Apply on “STB” then on “Power”. If that doesn’t work, press on “STB” and “Power” again, use the television’s original remote control and press on the “Input” or “Video source” button or the “Source” button until an image appears.

If that still doesn’t work, please contact technical support.

I cannot change the channel

Press on the “STB” button and then try to change the channels again. If that doesn’t work, make sure that when you press on the button to change the channel the “STB” light is red.

If that is the case, change the remote control’s batteries. If the light is red and blinking and the channels do not change, restart the receiver.

My screen is black.

Please make sure that you can still access the program guide. To do so, press the “STB” button and then the “Guide” button.

If nothing comes up on your screen, turn on the television by pressing the “TV” button and then “Power”.

If the guide shows up, try to change the channel by pressing “05” and then “OK”.

If that still doesn’t work, make sure the network cable is plugged in at both ends. If that is the case, please contact technical support.

The television keeps displaying the Amino screen or error “E0040”.

Make sure the network cable (it may be white or yellow) is plugged into the receiver and plugged in the other end as well.

If that is the case, please contact technical support.

I cannot access the guide, menu, or the channel information.

Please contact technical support.

The image on the screen freezes or becomes pixelated.

Try to restart the receiver.

If the problem persists, please call technical support.

There is recorded content that I did not record.

That can happen if you press the “OK” button twice when you watch TV. Simply erase the recorded content.

Everything I recorded is simply black.

Please contact technical support.

When I record a television series, the receiver records every episode, even ones I’ve previously recorded.

Please contact technical support.

How do I rent a movie on Indigo and what is my “PIN”?

Please refer to the following procedure to know your “PIN” and the steps to follow: Indigo Procedure

There’s a crackling sound coming from the television and the colours are off.

Make sure the white cable is plugged into the white outlet on the television set and that the black cable is plugged into the television’s red audio input.

There are black strips on each side of the screen.

Using the receiver’s remote control, press on “Menu” then on “Setttings”. You’ll need to input a password which by default is “12345”.

Then, go into “Hardware Settings ”, then “Video”. On this page, change the “picture format” to “16:9” and set the aspect to “Stretch 4 :3 to 16:9”.

Finally, press the “Exit” button on your remote control.

I’ve changed my television set and I cannot turn it on or increase/lower the volume with the Maskatel remote control.

The remote control has not been programmed to work with your new television set. It needs to be configured. To do so, please contact technical support.

How to I deactivate subtitles?

With the receiver’s remote control, press on “STB” and then on “Move”


There is no dial tone when I pick up my phone. What can I do?

Please check the following before contacting Maskatel.

  • Is your phone correctly plugged into a phone socket?
  • If you live in a single-family home, plug your phone into Maskatel’s phone socket (D-Mark) located where the cable enters the house. Can you hear a dial tone? If so, the problem comes from inside the house. Check your phone equipment.
  • Have tried to call using another phone?
  • If you have a wireless phone, is the base plugged into the phone socket? Are the batteries charged?
  • Have you tried plugging the phone into another phone socket in your home?
  • Are all the phones in your home on their receivers?
  • Have you tried to make a call by previously unplugging all the other phones from their wall sockets?

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Speak with an agent

My phone rings again when I hang it up. Why?

This can happen when you’ve used the “Three-way calling” service. All our clients benefit from this free option.

If after ending a call you quickly use the line again, your first call might still be on the line and entered into “Three-way calling” mode with your new call. When you hang up, the phone rings again to let you know that you are still on the line with the first caller. All you need to do is pick up and hang up again to end the call.

In order to avoid this problem, wait at least five seconds after hanging up before making another call.

I’m a new subscriber and I’d like to set up my voicemail but I don’t know my password.

A temporary password has been assigned to you. It is the last 4 digits of your phone number followed by #.

For security reasons, we suggest you change your temporary password.

To change your temporary password, please follow these steps:

  • After dialling *98 and your temporary password:
  • Press 8
  • Press 4
  • Enter your new password (which can contain 4 to 15 digits but cannot begin by 0), followed by #.

How can I access my voicemail when I’m not at home?

Most of our clients can use one of the following numbers to access their voicemail, depending on their geographic location.

  • Depending on your area, dial one of the following access numbers.
  • Press * at the beginning of the greeting.
  • Dial your voicemail number (phone number) + your PIN

Drummondville: 819 445-5556
Saint-Éphrem: 418 484-1234
Saint-Hyacinthe: 450 251-5556
Saint-Victor: 418 588-8008
Upton: 450 549-1234

Long-distance charges may apply.

If you cannot access your voicemail with one of these numbers, please contact us. We will tell you what to do.

Speak with an agent

The line suddenly cuts off when I’m talking on the phone. Why?

Have you checked if this problem only occurs when you use one of your phones? If that is the case, your device might be defective. Check if the situation occurs with your other phones.

If you have a caller ID device that is not integrated into your phone (a device that is separate from your phone), unplug it and check your line. These devices often become defective and may randomly end your calls.

Someone is incapable of reaching me on the phone. What should I do?

Most of the time, this is a problem that is due to the network, phone system, or the caller’s phone. Note the number of the person trying to call you and ask them if it’s possible to contact their own phone company, even if it’s Maskatel.

However, even though you are the recipient of the call, don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know about this problem.

I can only call Maskatel customers and 911. Why?

Your phone line might not have been activated correctly during the home installation or could have been suspended for outstanding payments.

Contact our customer service to find out the reasons for this problem.

I cannot call certain phone numbers. Why?

If it is a local call, have you dialled the area code in addition to the 7 digits? To make a local call, you must now dial all 10 digits of the phone number, including the area code.

If it is a long-distance call, have you dialled 1 followed by the area code and phone number?

Have you checked your phone to make sure that certain buttons haven’t remained pressed down since your last call? Have you made sure your phone is not defective? Have you tried dialling the number with another phone in your home?

I’ve received threatening or abusive phone calls from an unlisted number. What can I do to trace these calls?

You can dial *57 immediately after hanging up your phone to record a trace of this number in our telephone exchange. Please note the date and time of the call.

We will not be able to provide you with any information about the caller but you can make a complaint to your local police service who will have access to this information with a court order.

Why does caller ID not display the number of a caller who is overseas, even if the caller does not have an unlisted number?

Caller ID only works with some countries such as France.

Some countries overseas do not possess the technology to convert their display information to North American standards.

My caller ID does not work properly. Why?

The caller ID might be defective. There may be a problem on the line inside the house which interferes with caller ID.
Make sure that you do not have a defective DSL Internet filter by disabling it and then trying to receive a call. When the Internet filter is defective, it may filter too much and interfere with caller ID.

If you are using a wireless phone, you might have to wait for 2 rings on some devices in order for caller ID to work. This is often due to a design flaw that cannot be solved unless you get another phone model.

The *66 option (Monitor a busy line for 30 minutes) does not work with some numbers. Why?

Some phone companies block access to this option that allows us to monitor the phone line in their telephone exchange.

If you are subscribed to DSL Internet (High-Speed): before plugging your phone, have you correctly installed in your wall socket a DSL filter designed to block interference from the Internet? Has a filter been installed by Maskatel where the phone line enters your building?

Have you tried to unplug the other devices on your home’s phone system (phones, caller IDs, modems, faxes)?
After unplugging your devices, have you tried to plug and use another phone in your home to check that it is not a problem related to one of your phones?

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